Permit Applications

Lemoyne Borough enacted the Pennsylvania Construction Code Act 45 on July 7, 2004. The Uniform Construction requires that construction drawings must be submitted with the construction permit applications. All constructions requiring review and inspections must have plans reviewed and approved prior to submission for application for a building permit by a Third Party Agency.

Several Third Party Inspection Agencies are commonly used in Lemoyne Borough to perform plan review and conduct any necessary reviews and inspections during the construction process. The applicant is responsible for submitting construction drawings to an authorized third party agencies for the plan review and to arrange for the inspections. All cost associated with this service shall be paid directly to the third party agency; the Borough cannot collect or accept any fees for this service.

Additional inspection agencies can be found on the Pa Department of Labor and Industry website.

ARRO Consulting, Inc.

4750 Dellbrook Rd., Suite 101

Mechanicsburg, PA 17050-3017

Phone: (717) 975-3995

Web site:

Commonwealth Code Inspection Service, Inc. (CCIS)

176 Doe Run Road

Manheim, PA 17545

Phone: (717) 664-2347



BIU Inspecion

Phone: (717) 582-4483 or 1-800-453-4321



510 Herman Avenue

Lemoyne, PA 17043

APPLICATION: any individual requesting a Building, Plumbing, Electrical, or Mechanical Permit must complete the appropriate application (s).

  1. Completed application (s) and all supporting documents, along with Workers Compensation Insurance information for the contractor must be submitted with the required fee s) for review by the Borough staff.
  2.  Applications will be accepted in person or by mail. Faxed copies of plans and associated documents will not be accepted.
  3.  Incomplete or illegible application submissions will be returned to the applicant.

ZONING PERMIT APPLICATION – May be required for zoning compliance.

OCCUPANCY PERMIT – May be required when type of occupancy is changed.

TIME FRAME:  every application for a construction permit for one-family and two-family dwelling units and utility and miscellaneous use structures shall be granted or denied, in whole or in part, within 15 business days of the filing date or, if the drawings have been prepared by design professionals who are licensed or registered under the laws and regulations of this commonwealth and the application contains a certification by the licensed or registered design professional that the plans meet the applicable standards of the Uniform construction Code and ordinance as appropriate, within five business days of the filing date. All other construction permits shall be granted or denied, in whole or in part, within 30 business days of the filing date.

  1. Completed Application (s) – Must be signed, dated, and include telephone number (s) for the applicant, owner(s), and contractor or his designated contact person. (SUBMIT ONLY ONE COPY OF THE BUILDING PERMIT APPLICATION & SUBMISSION PROCEDURES AND ONE COPY OF THE ZONING OERMIT APPLICATION).
  2.  Three  (3) complete sets of original signed/sealed plans, specifications, and documents for each project must include the following information, as applicable:

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