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Road Construction

EK Services of New Cumberland, PA has been awarded a contract by the Borough for construction of the 2016 Street Improvements, Contract No. 1.  Beginning today, work crews are installing an ADA ramp at the corner of Maple and Walton. They will also be installing two storm drains on Walton St. (opposite side of Maple Street Park) between Maple and Walton Court.  Around September 26, EK will repave Walton St. from 3rd to the New Cumberland line, as well as Maple Street from Lowther to Walton.

Flyers will be distributed in the neighborhood as the time for the milling and paving operation approaches.  Residents may have to move their vehicles from the street at certain times, and may not have access to their driveways for a limited amount of time.  “No Parking” signs and road closure signs and will be displayed at the appropriate times.

Paving operations are most susceptible to weather conditions and cannot be done while it is raining or very cold.  Work crews will generally start at 7 am and go until 4 pm.  However, they may continue paving operations after dark if they are close to finishing the project.

For additional information about this project contact James Fair, Maintenance Department Supervisor at 412-7695.


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