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Streetscape Improvements on Market Street to Continue!

Lemoyne is on the move again!  In the fall of 2010 Borough Council decided to take advantage of an opportunity to receive federal funding for additional improvements for Phase 2 of the Market Street streetscape improvements.  The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) created a grant program known as the Pennsylvania Community Transportation Initiative (PCTI) to fund eligible transportation enhancement projects in local communities.  A total of $24.7 million was made available, with a maximum grant award of $1.5 million.

After a very competitive grant application and review process, it was announced that Lemoyne was successful in obtaining $1.5 million for the Market Street Project.  Based on a “Complete Street” conceptual design for the Market Street corridor, this phase will continue the improvements on either side of the improvements made to Market Street during 2010, including a pedestrian crosswalk at Seventh Street by the Middle School, sidewalk improvements and pedestrian lighting, rain gardens for storm water management, roadway striping, and site furnishings such as trees, benches, trash receptacles and bicycle racks.  Grant funds will be used to pay for all design and engineering costs, construction inspection costs, and the construction costs.

Because the project will be funded with federal funds the next step for the Borough is to go through an established process of choosing a design and engineering consultant.  Once the consultant is selected the final design and engineering phase can begin.  This must all be completed and approved by PennDOT by the end of June 2012 so the project can be put out to bid and the funds encumbered.  Construction could possibly begin in the fall of 2012.

Council would like you to be involved in community revitalization efforts.  There will be opportunities for residents and property owners to participate in the streetscape design process before final plans are approved.  Check our web site here or call the Borough office to find out when the public participation meetings will be held. 

Lemoyne Phase 2 Streetscape Improvements

Lemoyne's PCTI Application

Tri-Borough Streetscape Master Plan, November 2010

"Welcome to Lemoyne" Signs
The Revitalization Committee has identified 16 entry points into Lemoyne.  In 2008, with a grant made possible by DCED through State Representative Jerry Nailor, the Design subcommittee with Kairos Design Group developed a conceptual plan for one of the main entry points, the Bottleneck.

Looking to leverage the grant dollars, former Council Member Judy McAllister contacted Hempt Brothers for donation of a stone base for a welcome sign.  Hempt Brothers invited committee members to their Mechanicsburg quarry to view two rocks for consideration.  The committee selected the smaller of the two – opting for the "baby" 18 ton.

The committee selected the location for the “Welcome to Lemoyne” sign and a deed of easement was granted by property owners Candis and Blair Trogner.  On December 9, 2008 “The Rock” was moved to its permanent site.  A second grant covers lighting and landscaping.

As additional funding becomes available, other gateway signage will be installed.

See pictures from the Welcome Sign dedication on 25 April 2009

Downtown Revitalization Project Summary
The Downtown Revitalization Committee, a committee of Lemoyne Borough Council was convened with new community membership, convening their first meeting in September 2005.  The committee members enlisted the support and technical assistance of the Cumberland County Housing and Redevelopment Authority (CCHRA) and the Cumberland County Planning Commission.  Under the leadership of Chris Gulotta, CCHRA’s Executive Director; the committee worked on developing a Vision Plan.  This Vision Plan was called “Lemoyne 2026”.  The Vision Plan was completed in April 2006.

In June of 2006, the committee developed the priority areas that the downtown revitalization project would initially target.  This area includes from the Bottleneck on Market Street to Fifth Street and also Market and Third Street intersection to Herman Avenue.  The following sub-committees were formed to support the project: Design, Promotion, Organization and Economic Development.

In 2007, CCHRA applied for a Main Street Planning Grant in the amount of $25,000 to develop a concept streetscape plan.  The County matched the grant with $12,500 and the Borough provided for the required match of $740.  This planning grant allowed for the hiring of a consultant to develop what is now known as the Streetscape Master Plan.  Kairos Design Group LLC of Lemoyne and Powers & Associates LLC of Harrisburg partnered to develop this plan.  Read more about the streetscape process.

To assist in readying the plan for implementation which requires adequate funding; the Revitalization Committee defined five phases that might be implemented over a period of five years.  The estimated cost for these improvements is approximately $2.5 million dollars.

Click here for overview maps of the five phases covering Market and Third Streets.

Click here to see an image (JPG) of all five phases.

Click here to see our presentation-size graphic (JPG) of the overall plan.



Phase 1A
Includes the Core Business Area on Market Street from the Third Street intersection to a location approximately 50’ west of 4th Street

Click here for more information and a map of Phase 1A

Click here to see an image (JPG) of Phase 1A


Phase 1B
50’ West of 4th Street to a location approximately 200’ west of the intersection of State Street


Phase 2
Includes the Business Area on South 3rd Street from the Market Street intersection through the Bosler Avenue, Hummel Avenue, and Herman Avenue intersections


Phase 3
Eastern Gateway from the Susquehanna River to the 3rd and Market Street intersections


Phase 4
3rd Street from Herman Street intersection to the southern end of the the I-83 Bridge



Revitalization Committee and the Strategic Plan
The Revitalization committee, currently under the leadership of Council Member Lori Hegedus, meets the 3rd Monday of each month at 7:30 pm in the Borough Building.  This committee is comprised of residents and business owners who care deeply about the community in which they live or work.  These meetings are open to the public and anyone is welcome to attend. Click here to view the committee’s Downtown Revitalization Strategic Plan.

Accomplishments to date include the Lemoyne 2026 Vision Plan, Master Streetscape Plan, Welcome to Lemoyne Sign at Bottleneck entrance, the Borough Website, Spring Clean Up Day, Lemoyne Business Directory, New Lemoyne Logo, and the creation of the Lemoyne Business Association.    If you are interested in helping with Lemoyne’s revitalization efforts, please contact Lori Hegedus at 575-7152 or lhegedus@comcast.net.

With funding in place, Phase 1A of Market Street improvements was commenced...
In December 2008, Kairos Design was awarded a contract by the Cumberland County Housing and Redevelopment Authority (CCHRA) for the design of Phase 1A and the preparation of bid specifications.  Click these links to see surveyors on Market Street... photo 1 and photo 2

November 12, 2008 press release

Focal Point at the Hess Gas Station
A significant focal point exists at the intersection of Market and State Streets at the Hess Gas Station.  As part of the traffic calming design criteria and softening of the expanse of asphalt and concrete, the design team developed a concept for a focal point that would be visually pleasing as well as encourage pedestrian activity.

A plaza concept was presented to the design committee and the committee under the leadership of Sue Yenchko contacted the Hess Corporation.  The Borough’s concept plan for such a plaza was presented to the Hess Corporation.

Lemoyne then entered into its first public/private partnership whereby Hess agreed to develop a plaza into the rebuild of the gas station.  Hess will be redeveloping this gas station site, rebuilding a larger mini-mart station and as a part of those plans, a plaza will be included.

Hess Corporation is currently in the engineering and planning stages for this redevelopment.  The project is expected to be completed in 2011 or 2012.